Welcome to the adverse event reporting page.

You can use this form to report an adverse event you have experienced whilst taking a Green Valley product.

We are legally obliged to collect adverse event reports and, where appropriate, report them to the health authorities. For this purpose, your personal data that could be used for identification, will be added as a pseudonym according to legal requirements when entered into our adverse event database.

If you have experienced an adverse event or think you may be experiencing an adverse event, you should seek advice from a healthcare professional.

An adverse event is the development of an undesirable medical condition or the deterioration of a pre-existing medical condition following or during exposure to a pharmaceutical product, whether or not considered causally related to the product. An undesirable medical condition can be symptoms (eg, nausea, chest pain), signs (eg, tachycardia, enlarged liver) or the abnormal results of an investigation (eg, laboratory findings, electrocardiogram). Also add the other information we collect - e.g. overdose, interaction etc.

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