Code of Business Ethics

General Code of Business Ethics

In every service and operation, Green Valley abides by the highest standards of business ethics to build a sound safety system and excellent corporate culture, to promote green operations and manufacturing, and to foster harmonious and sustainable development of the environment and the community. It is committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive and dynamic work environment that fosters mutual collaboration and career development of its employees

See corresponding  management standards for details.

Compliance with Local Laws and Regulations

Green Valley takes economic, social and environmental considerations into account in its decision-making and operations, with all activities being carried out in strict compliance with all laws and regulations of the jurisdiction where it operates.           

Green Valley is committed to acting with integrity and responsibility in all aspects of its operations, such as R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and interactions with the government, and will comply with all applicable laws and regulations. It will act responsibly and carefully in its interactions with all stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, patients, consumers, hospitals, schools, governments, regulators, business partners, clients, vendors, and suppliers. It undertakes to provide services in a manner that ensures fair competition and to be honest and fair in all business interactions.

Global Quality and Regulatory Standards

Green Valley has a quality management system in place to ensure that all the environment, materials, processes, and quality inspections of drugs meet regulatory requirements and that all drugs are safe and effective. Green Valley always abides by the global quality and regulatory standards in the whole process, including research development, manufacturing, and post-marketing surveillance.

Business Ethics and Anti-Corruption

Green Valley takes a zero-tolerance approach to corruption of any kind. It always upholds integrity and honesty in all kinds of its business activities and regulates the management and employees' anti-corruption acts by its Anti-fraud Policy.

Code of Research & Development Ethics

Green Valley strictly adheres to the relevant scientific norms, ethical standards and social ethics in the process of drug research and development, so as to strive for appropriate research conduct and reliable experimental results. Only on the sound basis of safety can the scientific activities performed by Green Valley be worthwhile.

Health, Safety and Environment

Green Valley's primary goal and core value are to protect the environment and the health and safety of its employees, temporary employees, visitors, and the communities in which it operates. In the process of enterprise development, it always pays attention to protecting the environment and encourages its employees to save resources and develop in an eco-friendly way.

Work safety is a top priority in Green Valley. All production bases of Green Valley meet strict safety standards and comply with local laws and regulations concerning work safety, with corresponding management regulations and risk emergency plans in place.

Employee Accountability and Development

The wisdom, experience and passion of Green Valley employees are the precious wealth of the Company, as well as the driving force for Green Valley to keep building an all-around better empowerment platform . Green Valley advocates respect and equality and recruits globally to build diverse elite teams. Green Valley safeguards the legal rights and interests of employees and provides appropriate resources to support their development and create a positive and harmonious work environment.

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