Innovation Story

Our Road to Innovation

Our company mission: developing drugs that patients are yearning for, has led us to pave our way to innovation.

Inspired by this mission, Green Valley has attracted quite a few brain science experts with shared values to build the Green Valley Research Institute, a R&D center that has made remarkable progress on brain disease pathogenesis research and innovative medicines development. With joint and tireless efforts, the institute is striving to lead the world in brain diseases treatment.

For us, innovation means creating a differentiated and efficacious way to dealing with unmet medical needs. To make impossible possible, we have been going all lengths on innovation of belief paradigm. We believe only by a strong motivation to treat patients and deep insights on restrictions of modern life science can we move on forwards to explore new theories and new approaches with an open mind. We are devoted to creating a new belief paradigm of life science by taking the best of wisdom and theories of the past. This is the origin of our innovation and the fundamental logic to lead us to success.

To realize our innovation on treatment paradigm, we must get a better reading on the essence of life. We shall recognize that life not only has biological significance but stands as the unity of physical and mental health. Thus, the transformation of innovation epistemology must be realized. The research methodology of modern western sciences reductionism has shown increasingly prominent limitations despite their past achievements. In particular, they are even feeble when it comes to the treatment of complex chronic diseases. Hundreds of billions of dollars were poured to the R&D of Alzheimer's disease without a return. This testifies to the fact that only by shifting from the analysis method of reductionism to the systematic approach of holism, can we step out of our innovation predicament. A fundamental change of therapies is also needed. The mismatch between the pathogenesis of complex chronic diseases and current therapies has come to be the focus of modern medicine challenges. The methodology to resolve this question rests on the conversion from single-target drug administration to multi-target therapy which will allow us to achieve a breakthrough in drug innovation. Green Valley has been exploring multi-target therapy substance candidates in addition to small molecule and antibiotics. Green Valley has thus cracked open a gold mine of drug innovation. Only through the integrity of precise diagnosis and treatment are we able to realize the exact treatment for patients to bring about the largest therapeutic values. A series of innovative technologies shall be developed based on the aforementioned mindset of Green Valley. The paradigm transformation of understanding life, of epistemology, and of methodology, enables Green Valley to sort out the pathogenesis of complex chronic diseases and further develop revolutionary innovative drugs and therapies along our road of innovation. Our discoveries of innovative drugs and disease pathogenesis have offered a solution to solve the problems facing modern life science. This dawn of a new life science paradigm is bound to bring about revolutionary changes to human health.

Ever since its founding, Green Valley has been committed to a win-win cooperation through building widespread strategic cooperative relationships with domestic and foreign medical institutes. In particular, we have established a core strategic cooperation agreement with the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica (SIMM), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Over more than 20-year cooperation, Green Valley has successfully commercialized Salvianolate Injection, a significant achievement of Chinese traditional medicine modernization made by SIMM. Green Valley has also co-developed a  revolutionary product GV-971 together with SIMM and the Ocean University of China. In addition, SIMM has even provided technical and talent support for development of the Green Valley Research Institute, the unique powerful engine of our sustainable innovation.

Innovation calls for firm faith, a strong sense of responsibility, an open mind and spirit of being creative and cooperative. Only in this way can we attract great people with shared values and build up an organization with soul of innovation, constantly contributing innovative medicines and healthcare solutions that people are yearning for.

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